Corporate Management Services

We help public and private companies—as well as private equity, distressed debt and other investment firms—address their strategic, operational and financial issues in a number of ways

Serving on Boards of Directors


We help drive value for shareholders by actively serving on boards of directors.

Bringing Added Value to Boards

Because we’ve been investment bankers, private equity investors, operating executives and corporate directors, and have worked with companies of various sizes, and at different stages of growth, we bring an infusion of experience and expertise, as well as a uniquely valuable perspective to the boards we serve on.

Serving in Various Capacities  

We sometimes serve as board chairman or lead director and are often asked to chair board committees.  Also, we are frequently brought in as an independent director in a restructuring (out of court, and for Chapter 11 filings).

Consulting Services


We can be an effective catalyst for maximizing the value of investments held by investors who cannot justify the time or do not have the resources to do so.  We assist corporate management teams, as well as financial firms, with a number of consulting services:

Executive Mentorship

We mentor company executives, including new Chief Executive Officers, on their roles and responsibilities as well as critical issues.

Specific Projects

Our professionals advise on discrete initiatives or work with management on project implementation.

Executive Sourcing

We introduce executives who can serve as valuable resources in a variety of ways.

Chief Restructuring Officer Services


We provide a qualified CRO—from among Current Capital Partners’ Managing Directors, Advisory Board or Executive Network—who has relevant experience and a commitment to urgency.  We also provide a team, as needed, to support the CRO.

In our CRO assignments, we work to immediately address urgent issues, build a plan and negotiate with key constituencies to maximize recoveries.

As CRO, We Help Our Clients to…

Manage Cash Flow

We work to give the company an opportunity to continue operating effectively.

Work on Debt Forbearance

We assist in restructuring arrangements with lenders and other constituencies.

Locate Outside Sources of Capital

If needed, we will identify capital sources, including through asset sales and capital raising.

Create a Business Plan

The goal is to demonstrate viability and to foster acceptance as being achievable.

Negotiate an Out-of-Court Settlement

The CRO can also prepare for bankruptcy, as deemed appropriate.

Coordinate with Advisors 

The CRO coordinates with legal and other company advisors throughout the restructuring.

Expert Witness Services


Current Capital Partners provides advice and expert witness services in complex corporate litigation.  These services capitalize on our experience as investment bankers, corporate directors, private equity investors and operating executives.

Areas of Litigation

We serve as an expert witness primarily on mergers and acquisitions, private equity, distressed situations, governance and valuation:

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Engagement letters
  • Due diligence
  • Deal process
  • Fairness opinions
  • M&A advisor conduct
  • Distressed company issues
  • Governance
  • Valuation & damages

Representative Corporate Management Clients

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